Kepros Physical Therapy & Performance

Becoming Better Together


Our physical therapy services bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance, helping you recover from injury, pain or surgery to reach your highest potential. 

You can expect us to thoroughly evaluate the injury and surrounding areas, learn about your goals for performance and physical function, and consult with other specialists to develop your customized therapy program. You’ll receive one-on-one attention in your therapy sessions and benefit from the latest technology and treatments. Our therapy services include:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Sports injury recovery

  • Dry needling

  • Women's health - pelvic physical therapy

  • Neuromuscular retraining

  • Industrial services/workers compensation

  • Vestibular and balance

In addition to our primary goal of reducing your pain and restoring physical function, we'll also provide you with education to prevent future injury and take better care of your body.

Free Injury Consultations 

Take advantage of a free 10-15 minute session with a licensed physical therapist who will assess your condition and recommend treatment options.

I am a physical therapist and know many PTs, yet Ted is our go-to expert when my family needs physical therapy. When my daughter’s knee pain wouldn’t respond to regular therapy, he kept trying new things until he found a treatment that worked. My husband has also seen Ted and received high quality care.
— DeAnn S.
When it comes to physical therapy care, know this: Ted Kepros is accessible and caring. He combines great medical and technical knowledge with a down-to-earth manner that enables not just athletes, but anyone needing physical therapy treatment, to get back to a fulfilling lifestyle.
— Duane S.
Ted’s skill and advice have allowed me to continue my very active lifestyle filled with hiking, biking, and swimming. He’s great with the elderly and exceptional with kids and teenagers. Ted’s the only person I trust with my PT needs.
— Rocki S.
Ted is a gifted physical therapist. He has the innate ability to analyze a physical predicament and hone in on the particular site that needs attention, be it deep tissue work or an exercise regimen. Ted invests time and care in the patient’s whole well-being and communicates his recommendations clearly and concisely.
— Anne J.