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Becoming Better Together

The Performance Experience

If you're striving for peak performance, you've come to the right place. We specialize in sports performance development and have a solid record of success helping athletes achieve their personal best.

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Our programs are individualized based on your body type, sport, and unique needs. You'll benefit from our integrated approach combining education, prevention, and motor control training via video analysis to create a program that's optimal for you. We're committed to getting you ready for the upcoming season or your next big event.

We offer sports-specific training starting at age ten up through the seventh decade of life. Our patients include athletes at every level - student, college, and professional - in sports ranging from golf, running, and tennis to baseball/pitching, football, and soccer.

We understand the physical challenges associated with the rise in year-round youth sports and how to help student athletes maximize performance while avoiding injury. We also collaborate with top coaches in the area and offer coach/performance combination training in a wide variety of sports.


As a professional golfer, the toll of a long season of twisting and turning can break a body down. Ted got me in the best shape of my life. He took a genuine interest in my career and provided me with a program that fit my body and my needs as an athlete.
— Luke S.
I’ve been fortunate to have run 164 marathons. This would not have been possible without the expertise of Ted Kepros and his staff. He has been on this journey with me and provided critical evaluation and care. His ability to diagnose and treat the cause - not just the symptoms - has kept me from losing valuable training time and helped me achieve my goals.
— Matt T.
I am an active “mature” woman who loves tennis, biking, gardening, and yoga. I was referred to Ted after rotator cuff surgery and continued to see him through two knee surgeries. His personalized physical therapy routines and encouragement enable me to enjoy my quality of life.
— Chris M.