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Becoming Better Together

Hear from Our Patients

Fellow Professionals

As a fellow PT professional, I am a discerning healthcare consumer with high expectations. My rehab experience with Ted and his staff exceeded all of them. His clinical expertise, professional integrity, and commitment to his patients are obvious from day one. I have no doubt the success of my surgery was due to a superior rehabilitation program designed and implemented by a superior rehab team. In my opinion, Ted is one of the best orthopedic clinicians in the state.
— Allison K.

Student Athletes

The best thing about Ted is he knows when to push me, and he knows when to hold back. He knows when I’m having a really good day, and he knows when I’m having a not-so-good day. He doesn’t just help me get healthy. He helps me get better.
— McKenna A.
The high quality care I’ve received from Ted Kepros has helped me improve my function so much that it has impressed my other medical professionals.
— Katelyn G.


My son suffered from a rare injury. Ted researched and spoke to his surgeons regarding the complexities of his surgeries. My son’s recovery methods needed to be adaptive to his needs, posting great challenges. Ted’s innovation and “thinking out of the box” created the perfect techniques needed for a full recovery. His dedication to his patients is truly rare.
— Kathleen K.


Patients of All Ages

Ted’s vast knowledge allows him to tailor a program to meet your specific needs. He balances the right amount of weight training, cardio, and dietary recommendations to achieve your desired results. My cholesterol levels improved, allowing me to reduce medications.
— Tim G.
Ted has an innate understanding that any healing must include the whole person, not just the affected body part. He uses his amazing capacity for empathy to achieve incredible results.
— Kate H.
Ted is one of the unique professionals who truly invests himself in healing the injured and placing you on a path to performance. His superior knowledge of sports injuries and the repair path accelerate the healing process.
— Mark G.
When my husband hurt his back, we asked a physical therapist friend who she would go to with a back injury. Ted was at the top of her list.

When I had leg pain due to a rare bone disorder, I chose to work with Ted. After only a few sessions, he recommended an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, where I found out I needed a hip replacement. Ted worked with me before and after surgery, kept me motivated, and communicated with my doctor so we were all on the same page.
— Kim and Eric Z.
Ted has been alongside me the entire time. I view him as much as a health partner as a physical therapist.
— Terri K.