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Becoming Better Together

Garrett Testroet, PTA

My Philosophy

I’m a big believer in understanding ‘why' things are the way they are. I think it’s imperative that people know why they are in pain, why we are treating them, and why we are performing a particular treatment.

The philosophy is simple: “The more you know, the better off you are.”  With more information, we are all equipped to make better decisions, which lead to better outcomes.

I’m a big proponent of manual therapy. I believe that in order to rectify dysfunction, we need to be able to feel the abnormality and correct it accordingly, so that we have better objective changes that you as patients can see and feel. My goal is for each patient to come out of physical therapy feeling educated about their body and dysfunction, so that they may feel confident enough to manage their symptoms on their own indefinitely.  All while having fun! 

My Background

I earned my Associate of Applied Science Degree from Hawkeye Community College and served on the student and alumni advisory board. I then went on to earn my stripes and hone my skills for four years at an outpatient clinic in Cedar Falls, IA before joining the Kepros family. I am also a music fanatic and have played guitar for more than 20 years. I have a special interest and skill set in foot and ankle pathology, and various orthopedic manual therapy techniques. 

Garrett Testroet, PTA

Garrett Testroet, PTA

I have benefited greatly with the quality of care, physical therapy, insights, and help that both Abby & Garrett have provided for me with my recovery from left shoulder-reversal-replacement surgery.

I want to commend them for their unique combination of compassion and toughness which have helped me to increase my range of motion and strength, and to enhance my abilities to use my left shoulder and arm as much as I am able. Thanks for providing such a caliber quality of staff and service.
— Gordon L.