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Fit 3D ProScanner

The Fit 3D ProScanner is an all-in-one solution to quickly evaluate body shape, body composition, measurements, weight, balance and body posture.

In just 35 seconds your scan will provide you with:

  • Full Body 3D Image/Silhouette Body Images

  • Posture Analysis

  • Weight

  • Balance Assessment

  • Body Composition

  • Body Shape Rating

  • Hundreds of Measurements Including: -Joints, landmarks, circumferences, volumes, surface areas, contours, etc.

Want to see an example of the full results? View a female report demo here or a male report demo here.


$50 for 2 complete body scans — it is recommended that the scans be completed at least 12 weeks apart.

For more information or to schedule your Fit3D Body scan please contact: or call 319-200-6102.

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