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Doug Perkins, PT, DPT

My Philosophy

As a NCAA Division I athlete, I experienced injuries that opened my eyes to the world of physical therapy. Health and movement science became a passion of mine. Today, my philosophy as a therapist emphasizes the human body’s capacity to adapt. Intelligently designed therapeutic interventions provide the necessary stimulus to promote positive physical adaption. My approach recognizes that listening, empathy, education, and collaboration are critical complements to physical intervention. Working closely with my patients, I strive to embody these principles and ultimately allow them to fully achieve their goals and potential.

My primary clinical interests include general and post-operative orthopedic and sports rehabilitation of the upper and lower extremity. Additional interests include balance, gait, and fall prevention training.

My Background

I completed my Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree at the University of Iowa. After graduating, I practiced orthopedic and sports rehabilitation in Boulder, Colorado, and provided rehabilitation services to homebound patients in Iowa City. I joined the team at Kepros Physical Therapy and Performance in 2019. My personal interests include guitar, traveling, hiking, reading, cycling, and playing/watching soccer.

Doug Perkins, PT, DPT

Doug Perkins, PT, DPT