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Becoming Better Together

Brad Mensen, PT, DPT, ATC/L, CSCS

My Philosophy

I have been passionate about helping people from a young age and now have the wonderful opportunity to help people with various issues every day. I believe that to truly make a patient better you have to treat the source of the issue and not just the symptoms.

Professionally I have developed a deep interest in working with recreational and competitive athletes who have an injury or are coming off a surgery. Being a ‘weekend warrior’ myself I understand that injuries happen and I want to help you get back from that injury and then do my best to help prevent it from happening again.

I also have a special interest in chronic pain and can help give you insight as to why the pain acts like it does and how to treat it. I have developed educational handouts and will tailor specific exercise programs to address both the physical and physiological component of your chronic pain.

My Background

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training from the University of Iowa in 2012. While there, I had the opportunity to work with the nation’s elite athletes across multiple sports. I was immersed in the world of treating and preventing injuries as well as implementing performance enhancement. Upon graduation, I attended physical therapy school at Clarke University where I earned my doctorate degree. During the graduate program, I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and took a specialty course for sports PT.

Brad Mensen, PT, DPT, ATC/L, CSCS

Brad Mensen, PT, DPT, ATC/L, CSCS