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Annual Physical Therapy Exams

The annual PT exam is a unique opportunity to assess your overall physical health and determine areas for improvement. The examination includes a 90-minute assessment where you will get: a postural assessment, strength testing, neurological screen, selective functional movement assessment, functional movement screen, lower quarter Y-Balance test, aerobic capacity test.

You’ll also have an 80-minute follow up appointment where you will meet with the physical therapist to review results and go over your individualized home program.



$320.00 due at the first session.


People of all ages, athletic abilities and limitations would benefit from a one-on-one PT exam.



  • Musculoskeletal conditions are the #1 reason people visit their physicians, and they affect nearly half of Americans over the age of 18. The assessment will identify specific areas that require focus and we will then give you the tools to address those areas appropriately.

  • As we age normal physiological changes will take place like a decrease in muscle mass and joint degeneration. As a result you may notice a decrease in your balance, strength, power and walking speed. Exercise and diet are two of the best interventions to delay or reverse some of these changes!

  • KPT has taken the initiative to create a musculoskeletal exam for all ages that takes a preventative approach to your health – our goal is to prevent the smaller issues from becoming BIG issues down the road!



By being proactive you can reduce your risk of injury and learn how to maximize your exercise sessions. After all, time is one of our greatest resources so why not learn how to work smarter rather than harder?


*The Annual Physical Therapy Exam is not meant to nor can it serve as a substitue for a physical by your medical doctor.*



I recently did an annual exam with Jenna and the information and time spent with me was wonderful. Jenna gave me exercises that will help me age gracefully. Through her knowledge and skills, I’ve found ways I can gain better balance, posture and strength. She is articulate, passionate and very professional. I highly recommend the annual exam for staying strong and healthy as you get older. It was a win-win for me!
— Janie M.
One of a number of things I discovered from the exam was how close to vacation some of my functions were. The exam is intensive and extensive but not expensive since it is done preemptively. The assessment is just as important as your annual medical physical, but it covers areas seldom covered by your medical exam. If after reviewing the results of the physical assessment exam, you need help, the PTs have solutions with action plans to help you work towards what’s best for your body.
— Jim T.